Space, The Next Frontier:  The new area of development, competition, and cooperation



Asia’s remarkable economic and geopolitical transformation is reshaping our world. Shifting demographics and ever-advancing industrialization make the region more complex and dynamic than ever before. At a time when economics, politics, and ideology are both converging and competing, a deep understanding of Asia’s trends and trajectory is an indispensable asset.


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Space, The Next Frontier:  The new area of development, competition, and cooperation


“The exploration and use of outer space shall be carried out for the benefit and in the interests of all countries and shall be the province of all mankind.” This is what the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs lists as the first pillar of the landmark Outer Space Treaty. This treaty set out the first framework for development and exploitation of the cosmos by all nations. However, much has changed in the almost sixty years since its enactment in 1967. While the Cold War have ended and mankind has set foot on the moon, development and competition in space has become all the more heated. For instance, orbital satellite networks have become vital tools to our daily communication. Also, a new and vibrant global space industry, bolstered by technological and inter-country cooperation, has risen to prominence.

Now, with the disruption of the post-World War II duopoly, which was defined by the US and the USSR competing for space supremacy, new challenger nations and groups have risen to take on the mantle of space pioneers. Japan and JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) have become some of the leaders in innovative space development, exploration, and experimentation. Moreover, Japan has enthusiastically partnered with the next generation of fast-growing space powers such as India, in addition to just recently pledging closer cooperation with long-time partner NASA. In fact, during Prime Minister Kishida’s state visit to the US in April, numerous agreements were reached between the two countries including the development of a pressurized moon rover, new cooperative efforts in a variety of fields, and Japan’s participation in the Artimis moon exploration program. President Biden even remarked that he expects a Japanese astronaut to be the first non-American to set foot on the lunar surface. Making the field even more dynamic is the rise of new and innovative players in the private sector from Japan, India, the US and elsewhere seeking to make their mark while enhancing safe and secure development in space. more

However, as the renewed space race grows more heated, we must carefully look at roles played by existing and rising space powers together with the private sector. How do countries like Japan, India, the US and their like-minded allies continue the vital mission of peaceful space development in an increasingly competitive environment? Moreover, given the constant geopolitical shifts on the ground, what does the future hold for wider cooperative development? Finally, how is the private sector space industry using its increasing influence to drive continued innovation?

To look closer at this pressing issue, we have assembled a team of experts to explore policies, developments, and future prospects. Our panel will be moderated by Prof. Kazuto Suzuki (Professor of Science and Technology Policy at the Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Tokyo, Director of the Institute of Geoeconomics at the International House of Japan) and joined by Mr. Nobu Okada (Founder and CEO of Astroscale), Dr. Raji Rajagopalan (Director, Centre for Security, Strategy & Technology, ORF), and Ms. Victoria Samson (Chief Director, Space Security and Stability for the Secure World Foundation).

This 75-minute live webinar will include commentary, debate as well as live Q&A from the audience. We hope that you can join us for what is sure to be a lively and insightful discussion about Japan, its partners, and the role of the private sector in developing the next frontier of human exploration.

Disclaimer:All comments, opinions and statements made by panelists and/or moderators appearing on the Asia Undercurrent series are their own and do not reflect the official policies nor positions of the Government of Japan and/or related entities.


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