Asia’s remarkable economic and geopolitical transformation is reshaping our world. Shifting demographics and ever-advancing industrialization make the region more complex and dynamic than ever before. At a time when economics, politics, and ideology are both converging and competing, a deep understanding of Asia’s trends and trajectory is an indispensable asset.

Gaining that understanding is not easy. The overwhelming diversity and complexity of Asia and the wider Indo-Pacific region can make it difficult for observers to grasp the subtle geopolitical undercurrents. And in an interconnected world, regional issues resonate in the wider global landscape. Expert-knowledge and insights are the most potent weapons for individuals and organizations to cut through complexities and manage future risks.

To delve deeper into these dynamics, we are proud to host the fourth season of our long running “Asia Undercurrent” webinar series, organized by Nikkei Inc. and the Government of Japan. This series brings together seasoned experts, leading academics, and other knowledgeable insiders to debate, explore, and shed light on what is currently impacting the Asia-Pacific. We hope that you can join us as we continue to bring you expert insights into the issues that will shape the landscape of Asia, the Indo-Pacific, and beyond.